Professional preparation for a wide range of different surfaces

The environmentally friendly bonding agent for mineral and fibrous surfaces

ISO-TOP BLUE PRIMER is a primer based on an aqueous polymer latex. It was specially developed to improve the adhesion properties of acrylate, bitumen, butyl and hybrid polymer adhesives and of sealing foils and adhesive tapes on most standard structural surfaces. During curing to a smooth, not permanently sticky film, the primer colour changes from blue to dark grey. The primer has a good heat bonding strength and good water-resistance.

Product benefits

Quick and easy improvement of adhesive properties

  • Colour changes when cured
  • Very low-emission
  • Easy to process, since solvent-free
  • Versatile use for standard construction surfaces
  • Fast-drying
  • High proportion of solids
  • Precision application with no soiling of adjacent areas
  • Extremely high yield
  • Wide range of applications
Application Areas

Professional preparation for a wide range of different surfaces

Ideal for improving the adhesion of self-adhesive sealing foils such as ISO-CONNECT INSIDE EPDM COMPLETE on various absorbent, mineral surfaces. Typical mineral surfaces include i.e. cement fibre boards and plasterboards, stone, concrete, brick and lime sand brick masonry as well as aerated concrete. Additionally ISO-TOP BLUE PRIMER can also be used on fibrous surfaces such as soft fibreboard, wood materials, timber and various non-absorbent construction materials such as insulation board.