airtight bonding of window connections

Flexible adhesive for air-impermeable connection

ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVES SP and XP are high-quality sealants and adhesives with a wide adhesive spectrum. All the product versions permit air-impermeable connection to the masonry.

Product benefits

Strong adhesion to foil, fleece and paper

  • suitable for air-impermeable bonding in accordance with execution examples in DIN 4108-7
  • make the air-impermeable connection between foil and building structure possible (masonry, concrete, plaster, anodised aluminium)
  • very good adhesion to standard window connection foils
  • air-impermeable finish on openings
  • DIN-standardised quality regularly monitored by external institutions
Application Areas

Compensates unevenness

ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE is suitable for application to dry, load-bearing surfaces free of dust, separating agents, oil and grease. Normal unevenness can be compensated easily by applying the adhesive accordingly. Large recesses should be filled first.

For bonding window connections and openings

ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVES have been specially designed for the reliable bonding of window connection foils, fleeces and paper in construction work.

For this reason, they are particularly suitable for the reliable, air-impermeable bonding of window connection foils in accordance with DIN 4108-7.