Product picture: ISO-TOP SPRAY PRIMER illustration purposes only

Spray-on bonding agent

ISO-TOP SPRAY PRIMER is a spray-on bonding agent based on synthetic rubber / resin. ISO-TOP SPRAY PRIMER was specially developed for preparing bonding surfaces for window connection foils, joint sealing tapes and multifunctional joint sealing tapes.

The solvent-based ISO-TOP SPRAY PRIMER offers outstanding initial adhesion and fast-acting bonding characteristics. It is “ozone-friendly” and contains no chlorinated or fluorinated compounds. The swivelling spray nozzle can be turned for ease of application.

Product benefits

Ready to use and instant spray-on adhesive agent

  • chloride-free and fluoride-free
  • versatile use for standard construction surfaces
  • wide range of applications
  • fast-drying
  • simple to use
  • extremely high yield
  • excellent adhesive strength
  • swivelling spray nozzle
Application Areas

Ready for use and sprayable immediately

ISO-TOP SPRAY PRIMER is ready for use and can be sprayed immediately.

Typical mineral surfaces include concrete, brick, aerated concrete and lime / sand stone masonry. In addition, ISO-TOP SPRAY PRIMER can be used on surfaces such as wood, metal, rigid plastics, rubber, cork and other general construction materials.

Check compatibility with the surfaces before applying. The surface must be dry, clean, and free of dust, ice and frost.