For the air tight bonding of foils to adjacent components

ISO-TOP FLEX-TAPE is an LDPE tape equipped with a very strong acrylate dispersion adhesive on one side, which can be guided flexibly around curves. The strip fits snugly to smooth surfaces, ensuring airtight adhesion.

Product benefits

Reliable bonding to vapour barrier foils

  • meets the requirements for windproof connection stipulated in DIN 4108-7
  • air tight bonding of foils to adjacent components
  • very good adhesion to standard vapour barrier foils and roof tile underlays
  • airtight finish on openings
  • free of softening agents and halogens
  • constant, DIN-conform quality regularly tested by external institutes
Application Areas

The strong tape for the complete sealing of smooth surfaces

ISO-TOP FLEX-TAPE is suitable for the reliable bonding of vapour barrier foils on a foil, fleece or paper basis. It creates a secure bond between foil and surface, for example on concrete walls or ceilings or brick masonry.