sealing of joints, cracks, seams and overlapping

Extra-powerful adhesive strength for overlapping and covering seals

Our constant-volume butyl tapes on a butyl rubber basis are available either with self-adhesive strips on both sides, tear-resistant aluminium lamination or synthetic fleece lamination. ISO-BUTYL sealing tapes are water-repellent, and their outstanding adhesive strength makes them suitable for the reliable and permanent sealing of connection joints, cracks, seams and overlapping in the entire construction field.

Product benefits

Available either self-adhesive on both sides, as aluminium- or fleece-laminated versions

  • water-repellent
  • does not cause corrosion
  • solvent-free
  • bitumen-free and bitumen-compatible
  • resistant to ageing, weathering and UV
  • constant volume
  • works immediately
  • permanent adhesion
  • simple to use
  • complies with the requirements of IVD instruction leaflet no. 5
Application Areas

Product version 1: ISO BUTYL SELF-ADHESIVE

Suitable for overlapping seals of screwed joints for assemblies in the fields of cooling and air conditioning, vehicle construction, ship and container building, façade construction, sanitary and electric installation, silo technology, furniture and interior fittings as well as device building.

Product version 2: ISO-BUTYL FLEECE TAPE

Suitable for covering seals of fireplaces, butt joints,

overlapping joints, flashing for porches, garages and skylights. In addition, the fleece-laminated tape is used for the thermal insulation of glazing, in ventilation and sanitary applications, for sealing dome lights to the roof covering as well as for sealing wall, roof, parapet and connection structures. The special fleece lamination guarantees permanent connection to plaster layers.


Suitable for covering seals of constructional and connection joints in the industrial and building sectors as well as for sealing seams and overlaps in metalwork, container construction, conservatories, air-conditioning and ventilation systems. ISO-BUTYL ALUMINIUM TAPE is recommended for sealing joints, seams and butts in window and façade construction, particularly wherever a gas and steam diffusion-proof seal is required.