round profile seal to prevent draughts and heat loss

The round profile seal for damp joints

ISO-CELL PE-CORD is a round profile seal made of closed-cell polyethylene foam which consistently prevents draughts and heat loss. It is used as a reliable backfill on building joints sealed with spray-type sealants, and is characterised by is excellent compatibility with all standard sealing materials. When used as a filling profile for sealing compounds, 3-flank adhesion is eliminated.

Product benefits

Harmonises with a wide range of sealants and materials

  • fulfils the requirements of DIN 18540 for expansion joints
  • PE-CORD tested to GEV-EMICODE®, certified as very low-emission (EC1 PLUS)
  • suitable for damp joint
  • water- and moisture-resistant
  • can also be used with porous materials
  • compatible with all standard sealants (silicone, acrylic, MS polymer, PU)
  • elastic, flexible
  • free from softening agents
  • ageing resistant
  • alternatively, ISO-CELL PUR-CORD made of open-cell polyurethane foam is available especially for interior use.
Application Areas

Plugging and backfill material for joints and cavities

ISO-CELL PE-CORD is particularly suitable as a plugging and backfilling material for sound insulation and the sealing of backfills, connecting joints, building and expansion joints, profile glass seals and cavity filling. The foam cord is inserted in its compressed form into the joint or cavity and pushed in as far as necessary until the required joint dimension has been achieved. Then the PE-cord can be covered with all standard spray-type sealants in accordance with DIN 18540.

The water-repellent PE foam cord for indoor and outdoor use

Thanks to its water-repellent surface structure, ISO-ZELL PE-CORD can be used in combination with spray-type sealants on both the inside and outside. The neutral product characteristics and closed surface also permit use with absorbent materials.