moulded forms as a fire stop for cables and pipes

Rectangular moulded parts as a fire-stop for cables and pipes

ISO-FLAME BRICK S 90 is an impregnated PUR soft foam moulded part used as a fire-stop for single cables, cable bundles and pipes (service fire-stops). It is used for rectangular and irregular openings in fire walls and ceilings. Its maximum fire resistance durability is between 60 and 90 minutes.

Product benefits

The time-saving solution for more fire resistance

  • meets the requirements of DIN 4102 T.9 for the F classes S 60 and S 90
  • no pre-treatment of wall or ceiling opening required
  • simple cable fitting (soft fire-stop)
  • absolutely dust- and fibre-free
  • suitable for flexible use (temporary and permanent fire protection)
  • toxic fume blocker
  • no cracking due to permanent elasticity with high flexibility
  • free from halogens and solvents
  • 10 Year Function Warranty*

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request)

Application Areas

Effective protection against toxic fumes in ducts in fire walls and ceilings

ISO-FLAME BRICK S 90 can be installed quickly and cleanly without special tools being required. Is simply cut to accommodate single cables, cable bundles, pipes and cable trays. Reveals and cut surfaces should be coated with ISO-FLAME FILLER. In the case of ceiling openings, both visible fire-stop surfaces should be sealed using ISO-FLAME FILLER.

Fire-stops in dirt-sensitive rooms

ISO-FLAME BRICK S 90 is absolutely free of fibres and dust, making it particularly suitable for use in dirt-sensitive rooms. The spectrum of uses extends from fire-protection walls and ceilings made of concrete, reinforced concrete, aerated concrete, masonry to lightweight partitions.