perfect sealing against the structure and outer wall

The innovative masonry for cavity wall structures

ISO-BLOCO FILLER is a completely new kind of multi-functional insulation and sealing system which has been developed especially for window fitting in cavity walls. It is made up of two components: a highly elastic filling block which seals the masonry opening air tight and a sealing bar made of impregnated foam which provides reliable weather protection for the window connection joint in the rabbet area.

Product benefits

Twice as good thanks to two functional components

  • simple fitting, conforming to window sealing standards in cavity walls
  • perfectly suitable as a finishing layer in the gap for use of multi-functional joint sealing tapes
  • high adaptation to gap offsets of up to 30 %
  • integrated sealing tape system for sealing the weather protection level
  • flexible adaptation to unevenness of the inner wall
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act (EnEV was valid 31.10.20)
    and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
Application Areas

Perfect sealing against the structure and outer wall

ISO-BLOCO FILLER is pressed directly into the opening between the inner and outer wall before the window is fitted. The insulation and sealing system fixes into place itself since permanent clamping is guaranteed due to the high elasticity of the material.

The masonry filler for new buildings and refurbishment work

ISO-BLOCO FILLER is suitable for use in new buildings as well as primarily for window refurbishment. The masonry filler can be used all the way round. In the corners, the special foam moulded parts are butt-jointed using the joint sealing tapes. The remaining joint between the window frame and ISO-BLOCO FILLER can then be sealed using the 3-layer principle according to the generally accepted technical guidelines.