Manufacturer-independent substructure profile for lift and slide doors

Prefabricated efficiency

ISO-TOP BASE HS is a load-bearing and easy to install system component for creating thermally optimised supporting structures, especially for lift-and-slide elements. The supporting profile consists entirely of thermally insulating material, sustainably eliminates energy weak spots and increases energy savings and living comfort. ISO-TOP BASE HS is produced to fit the specific profile and width of the floor threshold used. The innovative profile-related 4-sided tongue and groove system ensures the non-slip fixing of the threshold on the substructure profile and completely cut-free continuous endless installation is possible. This saves valuable time on site, prevents installation delays and enables cost-efficient processing with calculations.

For floor-level building elements we recommend ISO-TOP BASE .

Product benefits

Customised and dimensionally accurate

  • fast and simple installation
  • for all standard floor threshold systems
  • secure screwed joint thanks to screw guide drilled at the factory
  • simple height adjustment possible at a later date
  • optimum integration in thermal insulation composite systems
  • optimisation of the Ψ value thanks to highly heat-insulating properties
  • improves living comfort and prevents mould formation
  • easy to process
  • waste reduction due to continous installation
  • compression-resistant, resistant to decay and non-rotting
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
  • 10 Year Function Warranty*

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request).

Application Areas

Highly thermally insulating and a perfect fit

Supporting profile specially for adjusting the height of lift-andslide door elements made from wood, aluminium-clad wood, aluminium and plastic on the concrete slab. The sealing must be carried out technically correctly in accordance with the applicable standard. Sufficient protection against weathering is to be ensured between ISO-TOP BASE HS and the floor slab. Protection against driving rain and / or standing water is to be provided on the outside. On the inside, all joints must be air tight and present a barrier to vapour diffusion.


ISO-TOP BASE HS can be individually adapted to the specific situation on site. The specific height of the profile is selected and ready to install or can be subsequently adapted during installation by doubling or shortening. The installation depth is custom-fitted to the floor threshold used, guaranteeing uncomplicated combination. In the basic version, the supporting profile is supplied with two grooves on the top side and underside, a groove on each end face and the matching separate tongues. Optional packages such as the sealing package or the equipment with guide holes facilitate the sealing with respect to the building structure and connection to the lift-and-slide element.



The following accessories are recommended for ease of use: