The multi-functional tape with integrated membrane film in timber construction
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Reliably prevents convection heat loss in timber construction

ISO-BLOCO MULTITEC „TIMBER EDITION“ is a pre-compressed multi-functional tape with hybrid technology for creating 3-layer seals around window, door and other connection joints that are air tight, impermeable to driving rain and thermally insulating. It was specially developed for prefabricated timber and log construction. This hybrid combination of flexible, impregnated foam and an air tight, moisture-regulating foil membrane layer allows reliable and cost-effective joint sealing with an inner barrier membrane to minimise the water penetration depth. Specifically tailored to the narrow joints in prefabricated timber construction, the timber construction aspect of ISO-BLOCO MULTITEC „TIMBER EDITION“ allows sufficient space for installation, with special emphasis on cost-effectiveness.

Product benefits

Cost-effective joint sealing for dry connection areas

  • perfectly tailored to the requirements of timber construction
  • improved airtightness thanks to integrated membrane film
  • ensures dry connection areas
  • matching joint function range
  • exceeds airtightness requirements in standards
  • widths can be custom manufactured
  • high adaptability in joints between timber logs
  • weather-resistant without additional measures (MF1)
  • reduces the water penetration depth
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act and the recommendations of the RAL ”installation guide”
  • 10 Year Function Warranty*

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request).

Application Areas

Good functional area for airtight timber construction joints

ISO-BLOCO MULTITEC „TIMBER EDITION“ is the hybrid further development of conventional multi-functional tapes with inner foil barrier layer. It is ideal for sealing joints in prefabricated timber construction, timber frame house building, when extending roof space in the gable and dormer area
and when creating air tightness in log houses. Widths can be custom manufactured with thicknesses dimensioned to suit, so this tape meets the specific requirements and offers optimum solutions for timber construction. In addition to the airtightness, which clearly exceeds the requirements set out in standards, the multi-functional tape keeps the connection area dry and protects the building structure with its inner barrier membrane.