effective insulation and soundproofing

The specialist for effective insulation

The strengths of ISO-BLOCO HF are effective insulation and sound protection. These are played out effectively by the impregnated and pre-compressed sealing tape as an insulation layer between window couplings or in the functional area between building elements.

Product benefits

Consistently high acoustic and thermal insulation

  • optimised for use as a sealing and insulating layer in the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM
  • high permanent elasticity
  • vapour diffusion permeable
  • suitable as a sealing tape in construction joints
  • high adhesive force during fitting
  • compatible with all standard sealing compounds
  • expansion even at low temperatures
  • self-adhesive on one side, making it easier to fit
  • constant quality controls to DIN standards
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act (EnEV was valid 31.10.20)
    and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
  • 10 Year Function Warranty*

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request)

Application Areas

The optimum solution for tight joint structures

Where conventional insulation materials leave blemishes and cavities in tight joint structures, ISO-BLOCO HF provides an effective seal. The pre-compressed tape expands after fitting in the window frame, thus reliably filling the functional area in both narrow and wide spots.

For more warmth and cosiness

ISO-BLOCO HF was specially developed for use as a sealing and insulating layer in the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM. In addition, it is also excellently suited as a sealing material border or thermal insulation tape for the interior. The insulating tape is free of halogens and isocyanate, making it absolutely safe for fitters and residents alike.