Thermal insulation with microtherm technology

Acoustic and thermal insulation for fitting components with larger frame installation depths

ISO-BLOCO XTHERM is a omni-functional sealing tape with microtherm technology. It was specially developed for thermal insulation that is indirectly exposed to weathering.

It is especially suitable for fitting components with larger frame installation depths and commonly available front doors and lift-and-slide doors. It offers excellent thermal insulation properties (Microtherm effect) over the entire installation depth. As it adapts very well to the installation joint, ISO-BLOCO XTHERM also provides excellent sound-proofing.

ISO-BLOCO XTHERM has the properties of a seal that is permeable to vapour diffusion, ensuring that the joint dries out fully.

Product benefits
  • microtherm technology offers low thermal conductivity
  • sealing a wide range of joints with only one tape dimension
  • easy one step application for a reliable seal
  • significant cost advantage through time saving installation during fitting
  • can be installed in adverse weather conditions
  • acoustic and thermal insulating
  • permanently elastic with life long movement capacity
  • suitable for lift-and-slide door and front doors
  • low tape compression in the joint, reduced compressive stress on lift-and-slide doors in the lintel area
  • 10 Year Function Warranty*

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request).

Application Areas

The omni-functional sealing tape for a wide range of applications

  • window fitting: ISO-BLOCO XTHERM is easy to fit and saves time during installation in the functional level of window and door connections. The sealing tape is especially suitable for use with lift-and-slide doors.

  • facade construction: ISO-BLOCO XTHERM can be used in the facade as a formwork connection or as a contact surface for cast-in-place concrete or concrete elements.

  • drywall / timber construction: For interior fittings, it is suitable as a decoupling measure, e.g. for double floors or for use in lightweight partition walls.

  • roof covering: ISO-BLOCO XTHERM is suitable for decoupling and sealing in purlins and roof windows.