Low isocyanate polyurethane expanding foam for a healthy living environment
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For a healthy living environment, low-emission and user-friendly!

ISO-TOP THERMFOAM „BLUE LINE” is a sustainable userfriendly, very low-emission single-component polyurethane expanding foam for a healthy living environment. It also offers excellent technical properties.

It is a healthier alternative to conventional PUR foam based on a low-monomer recipe, with a free isocyanate content of less than 0.1 %. This foam is ideal for filling and insulating joints and cavities, providing thermal and noise insulation thanks to its high dimensional stability.

Low emmissions-always:
Ideal for interior renovations and window replacements!

Product benefits
  • especially healthy to use
  • free isocyanate content < 0.1 %
  • contains no chlorinated paraffins, halogens or plasticisers
  • can be used without formal training even after 24.08.2023
  • fulfils requirements of DGNB (German Association for Sustainable Buildings) levels 1-4
  • contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • tested to GEV-EMICODE®, certified as very low-emission (EC1PLUS)
  • acoustic and thermal insulating
  • outstanding dimensional stability, i.e. no shrinkage and low subsequent stretching once cured
  • largely closed cell, resistant to rotting, moisture and ageing**
  • after curing, it can be plastered, painted or pasted over
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
  • 10 Year Function Warranty*

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request).
** Not permanently resistant to UV.

Application Areas

The sustainable all-rounder for sealing, filling and foam-filling which adheres to almost all substrates

  • sealing expansion joints and cavities when installing windows, doors and roller shutter boxes
  • filling and insulating joints and cavities in loft conversions and roof insulation projects
  • foam-filling of smaller recesses and breakthroughs in masonry, cable feed-throughs and other cavities
  • excellent adhesion to almost all construction surfaces such as concrete, sand-lime block, brick, wood, metal and plastic

The following accessories are recommended for ease of use: