sealing of joints during renovation and new building
Product picture: ISO-TOP ACRYLSEAL F illustration purposes only

The strongly adhesive and flexible sealant for air tight inner sealing

ISO-TOP ACRYLSEAL F is a high-quality, flexible one-component sealing on a silanated acrylate dispersion basis. It is almost odourless, colour-fast, weather- and UV-resistant. ISO-TOP ACRYLSEAL F remains waterproof and permanently elastic even after curing. The innovative sealant demonstrates its optimum adhesive properties on many porous materials as well as on rigid PVC and Aluminium.

Product benefits

Remains waterproof and permanently elastic even after curing

  • tested to GEV-EMICODE®, certified as very low-emission (EC1PLUS)
  • can be processed from +5 °C
  • permanently elastic after drying
  • for versatile use on many standard construction surfaces
  • low steam permeability
  • complies with DIN EN ISO 11600
  • can be painted over very well following complete curing, as per DIN 52452
  • is easy to plaster or paper over
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act (EnEV was valid 31.10.20)
    and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
Application Areas

Safe separation of internal and external climate

ISO-TOP ACRYLSEAL F has been designed for sealing internal connection joints during renovation and new building work in accordance with DIN 4108-7. The innovative sealing agent is particularly effective between window frames, door frames and masonry as well as for joints with low load and cracks between masonry, concrete, plaster and window sills as well as roller shutter housings, skirting boards and flooring.

Effective application on standard construction surfaces

The usual moving joints in buildings can also be sealed safely as per DIN 18540 with ISO-TOP ACRYLSEAL FA. This also applies to horizontal connection joints in buildings made of aerated concrete. ISO-TOP ACRYLSEAL F can basically be used on all usual construction surfaces such as concrete, clinker bricks, aerated concrete, plasterboard, plaster, masonry, fibre cement, rigid PVC and aluminium. ISO-TOP EASYPRESS, a gun specially designed for sealing and adhesive cartridges and ISO-TOP PRESSFIX for tubes, are recommended for optimum processing.

ISO-ZELL PE-CORD is used as backfill to create a correct sealant joint and to avoid 3-point adhesion.


For an easier processing, we recommend: