The sealing tray for the controlled removal of water or condensation

ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING TRAY is a sealing system made from highly flexible EPDM. It can be used both as the second sealing level beneath windowsills and in the vicinity of threshold connections for floor-level windows and doors. The main benefit lies in the controlled removal of water or condensation which can collect in the bottom part of windows and doors, and beneath aluminium and stone windowsills. In the critical corner areas, the pre-shaped, high-density vulcanised corners ensure a 100% seal.


The ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING TRAY is individually produced to the precise dimensions, saving both time and money at the installation stage. It also reduces the risk of mistakes during installation and leaks, thus effectively avoiding costly damage to the building.

Product benefits
  • fulfils the specifications for system conformity issued by the Fachverband Wärmedämm-Verbundsysteme e.V.
  • meets the recommendations of the Gütegemeinschaft Wärmedämmung von Fassaden e.V. for the installation of metal and stone windowsills
  • saves time when sealing the second sealing level
  • resistant to driven rain in excess of 1,050 Pa
  • high elasticity and mechanical strength
  • seals the critical corner areas simply and reliably
  • MS polymer adhesive for reliable bonding
  • individual and custom-fit production
  • material is compatible with aluminium, plastic and stone windowsills
  • bitumen free
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act (EnEV was valid 31.10.20)
    and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
  • 10 Year Functional Warranty*

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request).

Application Areas

Professional external sealing of bottom door and window connections

The ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING TRAY was designed for the professional external sealing of bottom door and window connections and can be used for all types of window. The tray-shaped, closed sealing system is especially useful beneath the windowsill and in the vicinity of threshold seals. The sealing system is a versatile and proven sealing foil for use in PVC, wood, metal, window and facade constructions.


Pre-shaped individually and installed quickly

The ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING TRAY is pre-shaped individually to size. The installer can thus attach it quickly and easily to the window, and bond it correctly to the load-bearing masonry parapet. We recommend using the MS polymer adhesive ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE XP to create a reliable bond. If it is too high at the sides, for example, the sealing tray can be individually adapted using scissors.

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