Stretchable special foil for the air tight sealing of windows

The stretchable special foil for the internal sealing of moving joints

ISO-CONNECT INSIDE FD is an extremely flexible and stretchable special foil for the airtight sealing of connection joints on windows, doors and panels. It guarantees high compensation of movement coupled with high tensile strength even where extreme construction element movements are involved. The vapour diffusion impermeable fleece foil reliably separates indoor and outdoor climates.

For outdoor area please use ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE FD.

Product benefits

Flexible and tear-resistant at the same time

  • high stretchability and flexible adaptation
  • low inherent rigidity combined with high tensile strength for simple and precise application
  • air tight and windproof
  • vapour diffusion impermeable
  • special fleece surface which is good for plastering, painting or gluing over
  • with self-adhesive strips for quick and effective installation
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act (EnEV was valid 31.10.20)
    and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
  • 10 Year Function Warranty*

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request)

Application Areas

Quick application thanks to self-adhesive strip

ISO-CONNECT INSIDE FD is made of an adaptable, soft synthetic fleece which is equipped with a self-adhesive strip for quick and effective application to the window frame. Thanks to the special fleece surface, the foil can be plastered, painted and glued over easily and reliably.

Guaranteeing a pleasant indoor climate

ISO-CONNECT INSIDE FD is used to glue over window connection joints on the interior. The special foil is very flexible in application and can be adapted easily to various surfaces such as wood or concrete. Its low inherent rigidity allows problem-free application of the special foil to angled structures and surfaces.


The different finishes offer flexible application areas

Finish SK
SK single side self-adhesive with 1 self-adhesive strip

full surface adhesive finish with a 2-way or 3-way split liner

full surface adhesive finish with a 2-way or 3-way split liner and 1 self-adhesive strip (window mounting)