Patented fire protection for joints and cable ducts

Efficient fire protection is an important and central step towards enhanced building safety. Our ISOF-FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM products have been approved by the building authorities and fulfil the latest regulations and standards for joints and cable ducts. All the system products are based on fire-resistant, impregnated PUR foam. This guarantees that the spreading of fire and smoke will be prevented for as long as possible in the event of a fire, and the components will remain stable.


You're on the safe side with these fire protection products

  • fire-stop for at least 30 respectively 120 minutes in accordance with DIN 4102
  • products for the facade with proven weather-resistance
  • all the relevant standards and requirements are met
  • long-term increase in building safety
  • cost-efficient system solutions
  • one-stop shopping for a complete range of fire protection products
  • competent support through our service team


Sealing tape as a fire-stop for expansion and moving joints

The ISOF-FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM comprises a sealing tape as well as round and rectangular moulded foam pieces. The sealing tape ISO-FLAME KOMBI F 120 is the product to choose for protecting expansion and moving joints in components to form fire zones. Thanks to its outstanding properties this product prevents the joint burning through for at least 30 respectively 120 minutes.


Moulded parts as dust- and fibre-free fire-stops in sensitive rooms

ISO-FLAME PLUG S 90 increases building safety in fire walls and ceilings, protecting circular openings in concrete, aerated concrete, masonry or lightweight partitions. Like ISO-FLAME PLUG S 90, ISO-FLAME BRICK S 90 is suitable for use in fire walls and ceilings. However, this product is used in irregular and rectangular openings. These two products are absolutely dust- and fibre-free, making them a must for use in dirt-sensitive rooms in hospitals, laboratories or computer rooms etc.

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