Timber frame houses



Natural building materials requires special sealants

Timber buildings, passive energy and pre-fabricated houses are true wonders of energy saving. Since the natural material does not conduct heat, the heat is stored, resulting in a healthy living environment. Suitable insulating and sealing materials must be used here too, in order to optimise thermal insulation.


When sealing joints, care must be taken that the sealing material can meet the structural demands of wooden constructions. In this case, the requirements of the new Building Energy Act (EnEV was valid 31.10.20) can even easily be exceeded.



Joint sealing tapes for moving natural construction materials

Joints in timber houses are subject to special loads. In addition to general weather-related influences, use of the natural building material wood leads to increased component movement. What owners of timber houses often perceive as creaking is due to the alternate expansion and shrinking of the timbers used.

We have developed joint sealing tapes and films which safely and permanently seal moving joints with large joint tolerances.




Areas of application in timber frame houses:

  • beam layers
  • ridges
  • roof connections
  • floor slabs and cellar ceilings