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Future-facing with hybrid technology

Multi-functional tape 4.0 with integrated foil firewall

ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC combines the quality features of premium window connection foils with the benefits of MF 1-certified (previously BG 1- and BG R-certified) multi-functional joint sealing tapes. This new hybrid technology combines excellent impermeability to air and resistance to driving rain of foils with the considerable expansion force and significant long-term capacity to absorb movements of pre-compressed PUR soft foam. Isn’t that great?


Multi-functional to RAL standards

With an a-value of 0.00 m3/[h·m·(daPa)n], ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC is 100% airtight on the inside, preventing heat losses by convection. In the functional area, the tape has high acoustic and thermal insulation values while, in the weather protection layer the resistance to driving rain (1,050 Pa) is greatly above-average. By integrating several barrier layers, ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC conforms to the RAL principle of “inside tighter than outside”.

Product benefits

Innovative hybrid technology with 10-year functional warranty*

  • Hybrid technology with foil firewall
  • Seals a wide range of different joints with tape sizes from 6 – 40 mm
  • Multiple foil barrier layers guarantee total airtightness
  • Double protection thanks to hybrid technology
  • No flow of hot air from inside to outside
  • Maximum energy savings
  • Resistant to driving rain up to 1,050 Pa
  • Multiple foil barrier layers conform to the “inside tighter than outside” principle
  • Optimum moisture transport
  • Excellent drying effect
  • High functional reliability thanks to excellent expansion capacity
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act (EnEV was vaild 31.10.20)
    and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
  • 10-year functional warranty*

* Under the manufacturer's conditions (available on request).

Application Areas

Reliably energy-efficient in passive and zero-energy houses

Total air-tightness, maximum thermal protection and resistance to driving rain to take account of climate change, combined with long-term capacity to absorb movements ... these are mandatory requirements for passive and zero-energy houses. You're on the safe side with ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC!

Baufuge 4.0

Gebäudeabdichtung der nächsten Generation

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