The product range for extreme demands

Facade joints are subject to extreme climatic and physical stresses. Heat, cold, rain, sun, wind and movement of building components are factors of influence which must be taken serious and which require the use of special jointing materials. Our ISO³-FACADE SEALING SYSTEM offers you a range of system products for flexible use in different versions and dimensions, every single one of which has been designed to meet the special demands made on a professional facade seal.


Flexible system products for special demands

  • constant, DIN-conform quality regularly tested by external institutes
  • one-stop shopping for practical sealing solutions
  • large variety of products designed to match
  • the right version or size for every installation requirement
  • high material durability


For external seals against driving rain in masonry constructions

ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION“ or ISO-BLOCO 300 „PREMIUM EDITION“ pre-compressed joint sealing tapes are the ideal choice for the professional sealing and refurbishing of the external wall joints in building façades. Both system products are suitable for sealing the horizontal and vertical façade joints between prefabricated concrete elements and façade components against driving rain. See the relevant product pages for more details.


For the inner and outer sealing of metal façade constructions

For metal façade constructions, the system with ISO-CONNECT INSIDE EPDM and ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE EPDM offers two flexible sealing films for the internal and external sealing of window, door and façade joints. As an alternative to the self-adhesive versions, the sealing fimls can be securely attached to the substrate using ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE XP or ISO-BUTYL. See the relevant product pages for more details.

System Products