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The in front of wall installation system for big windows

The IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3“ is made up of load-bearing, thermally insulating system profiles made of high-compressed THERMAPOR. The excellent thermal conductivity of the moulded parts guarantees perfect integration in the EWIS and optimum Ψ-values (Psi). Thus thermal bridges are optimised and a high degree of insulation achieved in the soffit area. This prevents the risk of mould formation in the connection area around the window opening.

Product benefits
  • windows can be fitted into the outer thermal insulation level
  • extensive individual tests by testing institutes**
  • optimum integration in EWI systems
  • air tight connection to the masonry
  • optimisation of the Ψ-value thanks to highly thermal insulating profiles
  • simple adjustment of length using standard mitre saws
  • simple installation thanks to the dovetail connection
  • ideal basis for 3-level-sealing with multi-functional joint sealing strips
  • excellent for energy-related building renovation
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act (EnEV was vaild 31.10.20)
    and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
  • certified Passive House component
  • can be combined with the system products of the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM
  • 10 Year Function Warranty*

*  On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request)
** In front of wall installation systems are currently not subject to any regulation by the DIBt. Approvals such as aBG or abZ must therefore be covered by individual tests. Details on approval as in front of wall installation system for building projects must be obtained individually from the responsible planning office.

Application Areas

A high load-bearing capability and load transfer

The IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3“ provides a high load-bearing capability and load transfer in one. The high density of 150 kg/m³ not only provides a very good load-bearing capacity for bearing window weights, it is also sturdy enough to transfer all other loads safely to the masonry. The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES can be further reinforced using bearing brackets made of aluminium. Tightly fitting console slots have been integrated in the system profiles for this purpose. With large elements in particular, this leaves enough scope for increased loads and fulfilment of the requirements set out in TRAV and the ETB directive.


Easy installation process

The IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3“ can be used for the installation of windows in the insulating layer. The wind suction, dead and casement loads are absorbed directly by the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES and transferred to the load-bearing wall. To achieve this, the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES are glued directly to the masonry using the hybrid polymer-based system adhesive ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE WF and aditionally screwed in place. The mechanical attachment of the window elements is by means of standard window screws. Multi-functional joint sealing tapes or window connection foils from our ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM range are ideal for sealing the windows.


Optimum length adjustment

The system profiles have a dovetail connection on the end for quick and easy installation. This allows the system profiles to be fitted together easily and practically. The joints are sealed using the system adhesive ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE WF before the system profiles are fitted to the wall surface. There are special adhesive grooves in the butt joints for this. Suitable lengths can be prepared in advance in the workshop.


For individual adjustment to the External Wall Insulation system, the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES have a through groove on the front. This contains clamping fins to fix optional insulating profiles and window sill moulds in place.



We have the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILE 80/80 in the range for direct installation of window systems in front of the load-bearing wall and for perfect integration in the EWIS. With a very high material density of 150 kg/m³ and outstanding load-bearing and thermal insulation properties, the system profile is ideal for in front of wall installation in single and multi-family homes and other building projects. The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILE 80 / 80 is perfectly dimensioned for most applications. The system profiles provide an optimum basis for all-round sealing of the window joint. Sealing in compliance with Building Energy Act (EnEV was vaild 31.10.20) and RAL can be carried out either using multi-functional sealing tapes or other system products from the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM.


System profiles with a projection of 120, 140, 160 and 180 mm and a height of 80 mm are available to supplement the 80 / 80 dimension. With these dimensions all standard building applications can be fulfilled.


For added stability, additional support brackets, made of aluminium, can be insterted into the existing console slots in the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILE and connected securely to the load-bearing wall during fixing to the masonry. This is an advantage when very large and heavy elements are to be assembled in the in front of wall installation frame around the window opening.




The EWIS usually projects significantly beyond the window layer to the outside. In order to ensure a perfect connection between the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES and the EWIS every time, ISO-TOP WINFRAMER INSULATING BARS can be used. These system components are available in two different standard dimensions as well as in window sill form. We also offer custom solutions and tailor-made production depending on project requirements.




The console slots integrated in the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM PROFILES are designed for the insertion of ISO-TOP WINFRAMERALUMINIUM CONSOLES for additional stabilisation when necessary. For this reason the console slots have been designed so that ISO-TOP WINFRAMER ALUMINIUM CONSOLES  can be cut to length from extruded aluminium profiles on the construction site and inserted. Once the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER ALUMINIUM CONSOLES have been clamped tightly in the console slots and thus integrated in the system profiles, they can be fixed together with the system profiles to the masonry within the course of normal installation. This can be an advantage particularly when very large elements are to be installed, very high casement loads occur or other additional requirements are made on structural design or attachment such as e.g. TRAV and ETB.

* Available for all dimensions.



The construction sheets made of high-density THERMAPOR offer the possibility of individual, constructive adaptation for assembly and sealing details on the External Wall Insulation system ISO-TOP WINFRAMER. They can be cut to size and geometry, to individual requirements, on the construction site. They can be used both as adapter sheets in combination with the system profiles or individually as substructure profiles, liners and window sill moldings and in the fitting of blinds and shutters.




ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE WF is a high-quality, neutral cure, single-component, permanently flexible adhesive on a hybrid-polymer basis. It was developed especially for gluing the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER and makes tension-free structural bonding of the system possible. ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE WF is also used for sealing and bonding corner connections and can be used on damp surfaces. Refer to the ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE WF product data sheet for further information.



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