multi-functional joint sealing tape for workshop fitting

The joint sealing tape with tear-off cover for practical pre-fitting

For the first time, this pre-compressed multi-function joint sealing tape makes the convenient and controlled pre-fitting of a 3-level seal possible in a workshop environment. This is guaranteed by a sturdy tear-off cover which ensures that the tape itself remains compressed for as long as you require even after the roll itself has been opened. The expansion of the joint sealing tape is only activated after the windows have been fitted. There's no better way to work!

Product benefits

The pre-fitting tape with convincing structural properties

  • precisely timed strip activation for controlled expansion
  • cost advantage and time saving thanks to convenient pre-fitting
  • can be fitted at any time and without consideration of the weather conditions
  • high level of functional reliability thanks to tested resistance to driving rain of more than 1,050 Pa
  • enormous reduction in heat loss by convection thanks to an a-value of zero
  • complies with the requirements of the Building Energy Act
    and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide”
  • 3-level seal using only one product in one working step
  • high sd-value gradient, optimum transportation of humidity to the outside, tested and defined
  • reliable joint sealing of 6 – 33 mm joints with only two tape sizes
  • suitable for passive energy houses
  • 10 Year Function Warranty*

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request)

Application Areas

Fit the windows, pull the activation tap, that's it

The tape is clipped into the frame groove of the cover frame using the ISO TOOL CLIP fitting tool or glued to the outside of the cover frame. The ISO-TOOL CUT corner tool can also be used to create reliable corner loops. After he window has been installed at the construction site, the seal is activated at the required time by pulling the integrated activation tab, reliably filling and sealing the joint.

Unfavourable window-fitting conditions on site

ISO-BLOCO ONE CONTROL is always just the job where you are under a lot of time pressure or where on-site conditions do not allow controlled window fitting. The multi-function tape for practical pre-fitting can be used for sealing windows made of PVC and wood in both new and old buildings.