joint sealing resistant to driving rain up to 600 Pa

The pre-compressed joint sealing tape for long-lasting joint sealing

The excellent properties of ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION“ make it a reliable joint seal on building facades up to 100 m high. The BG1 certification is proof that the permanently elastic tape can be used in external joints which are directly exposed to the weather. ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION“ is also able to cope with long-term stresses caused by UV light and driving rain.

Product benefits

10 years functional guarantee* even under extreme load conditions

  • Meets the stringent requirements of DIN 18542:2020 BG 1
  • Resistant to driving rain in excess of 600 Pa
  • Seals against wind, dust and splashwater
  • Reliable due to high area of application for joints (up to 42 mm)
  • Permeable to vapour diffusion
  • High adhesive strength during fitting
  • Permanently elastic with life-long movement capacity
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation properties
  • Can be painted over using standard emulsion paints
  • Constant quality to DIN standards, with regular controls from independent institutions
  • 10 years natural weathering monitored by external institutes
  • External monitoring by ift Rosenheim GmbH: Resistance to driving rain and joint air permeability coefficient (a-value)
  • Also available in different colours („COLOUR EDITION“)

* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available on request)

Application Areas

Reliable sealing of joints exposed to significant stresses

ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION“ can be used up to a joint width of 42 mm. The powerful adhesive strength on one side allows the joint sealing tape to be fitted easily and effectively. Once installed, the pre-compressed joint sealing tape develops its outstanding structural properties in terms of weather-resistance, heat retention, moisture and fire protection over the long term, ensuring a cosy climate inside the building.

The all-rounder for new buildings and refurbishment work

The ISO-BLOCO 600 „PREMIUM EDITION“ pre-compressed joint sealing tape was specially designed to create reliable joint seals in buildings and facades. However, applications for the sealing tape range from sealing movement joints between precast concrete units, frames and masonry through to uses on skylights and window sill connections. It can be used professionally in all areas of construction and building types.